Why exercise is important

Why exercise is important

sedentary lifestyle

Our life today is characterized by a lack of physical activity. We sit too much at home or in the car and move too little. We are inactive, which makes us weak and ill. On the other hand, if we move sufficiently, we not only benefit physically, but also emotionally. Regular physical activity and physical exercise make you fit and slim, provide good mood, promote health and resilience and act like a fountain of youth.

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Why do not we try hard?

What is the reason why we like to lie on the sofa and do not feel like making an effort? The good news in advance: This is normal. Our body relies on a million-year old survival program. Movement means energy loss and energy loss could result in having too little reserve to survive. Quite different than today. We have enough food everywhere – at home in the fridge or on every corner.

Effects of sedentary lifestyle

If you sit all day, drive each route by car and tow yourself out of the elevator to the sofa at home, where you spend the rest of the evening, your fat metabolism will be virtually eliminated. Your muscle groups go on vacation and the enzymes that would split the body fat when moving in these muscles are turned off. They only make up a tenth of their original work … In summary, if you are not physically active enough, it will affect your metabolism in different ways, which can lead to “civilization disorders” such as: high blood pressure, depression, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and so on.

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What happens when we move?

However, through regular exercise, the most varied metabolic processes are set in motion. Your cells just wait for it and join in as soon as you get active, because in four respects they benefit from you moving. Your body needs more energy, oxygen, your organs and cells are better supplied with blood and supplied with oxygen. At the same time you exhale more carbon dioxide. Hydrogen, which is produced during the energy metabolism, is also acidic and causes the pH of your blood to drop. Your body releases its metabolism-released hydrogen through sweat and urine.

The training is good mood and leads to a pleasant relaxation afterwards. On the one hand, movement changes your metabolism, which means you consume more carbohydrates, proteins and fats. But exercise also changes the metabolism of your hormones.

After a sustained movement, most people feel comfortably exhausted, a bit proud and relaxed – in short: satisfied. This has to do in particular with the happiness hormone – serotin, which is formed in your brain during exercise.

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